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Call us to book your event. We read all emails but it's not as fast as calling.
Here's some of the information we require for a booking:
   - date and time
   - address of show (and directions if needed)
   - your dancer preference(s) (see disclaimer below)
   - your mobile number + backup mobile number
   - number of guests attending
   - your deposit


   - We allocate 1 hr to all parties.
However Dancers do NOT dance for afull hour. We required 10 minutes in the beginning to change into costume, and 10 minutes at the end to pack up and leave. The time left over is for the show.

   - a change room for the dancer to change into costume.
   - a STEREO. We use whatever you have. If you don't have one, we'll see what we can do. Please provide the AUX cord as well (AUXILIARY Cord).
   - we provide our own playlist/music ... usually on our phones or ipods.


Photos allowed only after the SHOW and with consent from the dancer. A TIP is usually expected in compensation for pictures.

TIPS are always appreciated. The tipper often becomes the center of attention.

Your choice of dancer(s) is subject to availability. Book early to avoid disapointment. We reserve the right to make changes as a result of call volume, scheduling conflicts and unforeseen circumstances (illness, emergency, etc.).

We service primarily Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. We have contacts in other provinces. We can refer you to other agencies if you have questions regarding other areas. Please contact us if you're unsure we service your area.

A small deposit is required to confirm your reservation. The remaining balance is payable the evening of the show. We accept VISA / MC / AMEX / EMT (Email Money Transfers).

If you must cancel, do so as soon as possible. We do not refund deposits less than 1 week from show time. There is a $25 administrative charge for all other cancellations. In all cases, we will honor all deposits and administrative fees for 30 days in case of rescheduling.

LOSS of HOTEL ROOM - this usually happens the day of the event due to noise complaints, etc...
IIf you loose your Hotel Room for any reason ... there are no refunds AND you're still liable for the entire amount of the show and the same scheduled time. Choose your Hotel carefully. Call us for advice on this.

1. Artists are subject to availability. We strive to provide clients with their choice of entertainment. However, we reserve the right to make scheduling adjustments. Last minute changes are sometimes inevitable. We'll do our best to keep you informed of any minor changes to your arrangements, albeit a change in time or entertainer.

2. ATLANTIS is NOT responsible for the dissolution of any marriages, unions or marriage plans, etc. Only adults may attend or engage the services we provide. You, as a consenting adult, accept full responsibility for your actions and it is your responsibility to warn those that may find our performers or performances objectionable prior to any event. Those that engage our performances do so voluntarily.

3. Entertainers are contractors and not actual employees of Atlantis Entertainment. We make no claims and give no guarantees to any degree of customer satisfaction.

Dancers wishing to be represented by Atlantis please contact us or apply here.

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